The Realitve East

The Realitve East, Dos Orientales documentary tells a joint story: paths full of anecdotes and travels along two very different cities, Montevideo and Tokyo. A road-movie and concerts bring us closer to their everyday life´s, allowing us to learn more about their friendship and through their eyes, look at the other Orient.

This piece draw near two opposite borders through art and friendship, creating a true historical moment in music. Our goal is to place the duet in the musical world map, focusing on the unique legacy of their music as language that integrates both identities.

Tomohiro Yahiro & Hugo Fattoruso, are Dos Orientales a jazz duo, from Asia and the Uruguayan River, two talented musicians that complement each other and work around the globe developing a new musical direction.

Fattoruso, main representative of Uruguayan music, and Tomohiro, a japanese referent in afro-latin percussion, live different realities, but through their encounter the disparities take a whole new meaning.


Technical Specifications

Genre: Musical Documentary

Run time: 70 min

Record Format: HD

Countries: Uruguay and Japan

Subtitles: Spanish / English / Japanese / Portuguese / French

produced by Sadhu Productions


Sofía Casanova
Director and Creative Producer

Sofía Córdoba
Director and Photography Director

Florencia Arbiza
Artistic and Chief Producer

Inés Vásquez Messano
Executive Producer

Cristóbal Severin Garcés
Art Director


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